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We both grew up around animals and have had a life-long love for them which has also been passed on to our 3 children. Because of severe allergies to cats within our family, we thought we would never be able to enjoy a feline friend until we found out about the wonderful Siberian cat breed and purchased some very beautiful kittens. We are now able to bring this very special cat breed to the Rio Grande Valley with the hope to be able to "share the joy" of these wonderful creatures.

We have also fallen in love with certain "doodle" breeds because of their amazing intelligence and wonderful personalities (not to mention that allergy sufferers also do great with well-bred doodles due to their low/non-shedding coats). While our personal breeding focus is mainly on the lower-allergen Siberian Cat breed and lower-allergen Doodle dog breeds we also partner with trusted and proven local breeders to be able to share their offerings of other dog breeds on our website such as Pomskies and Pomeranians. We have also been partnered with law enforcement to be able to provide discounted dog training to our customers who buy puppies from us. 

We are not a pet-store, we breed our Siberian kittens and doodle puppies from our own home with love and care. Whether it be cats or dogs, we aim to breed beautiful healthy companions with great temperaments that will bring joy to their owners. Our animals are part of our family and we ensure they are all shown love, affection and care. Our commitment is to donate 10% of the proceeds of all of our sales to Christian ministries, charities and non-profits with track records of integrity.

Feel free to contact us by texting us @ (956) 887 0777, we hope to be able to provide you with your very own fur-baby!

Nathaniel and Stephanie Houck

Owners of Sharyland Pets LLC

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We are NOT a pet store so we do not have a brick and mortar storefront - we are a group of various animal lovers and pet owners located in South Texas who offer a variety of pet-related sales and services from our homes. Some of our collective offerings include puppy and kitten sales and services, high quality pet products and foods through "Life's Abundance", courier services, k9 training (Mission Police Department K9 trainer), pet insurance, etc. If you would like to get hold of us please fill out the form or text us at (956) 887 0777 and we will direct you to the appropriate person offering the sale or service. Thanks!

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