The wonderfully loyal hypoallergenic Cat Breed.

Healthy happy litter of 5 kittens born on May 12th, see below photo. All 5 kittens have already been reserved. UPDATE: one reservation may open up again from this litter (one male may be available since customer would prefer a female and may wait until next litter instead). Prices start at $1600. Please contact us to make a reservation. Reservation fee is $500 (goes toward total price).

This relatively rare breed of cat is known for its loyal character and hypoallergenic qualities. A breed that is sometimes described as "a cat that is more like a dog", Siberians have been known to play fetch with their owners, follow their owners around the house, and greet their owners at the door. They are a quiet breed that quietly meows and chirps, and are a relatively low maintenance breed. Contact us for kitten availability.


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